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« New Video Player Released »

Granicus just released a new version of our Digital Media Player. It gives governments and citizens enhanced tools to watch, clip, and share portions of video across the web like never before. Research shows that when comparing text and video posts on social networks video receives 27% more engagement than text posts. The new player enables our clients to become a bigger part of this video revolution while ensuring they have maximum control over how their videos are published and experienced by citizens. This can result in increased traffic to government websites and increased confidence from citizens who know they are getting content directly from the source.

Who gets the new player?

All of our clients! This was a free upgrade. We rolled it out earlier this month to our entire client base and you should already see some player enhancements activated on your published videos. However, depending on the version of player you had before, you may need to enable some new features on your own in Granicus. If your player looks virtually the same, it’s probably because you don’t have Silverlight enabled, which is a minimum requirement. Contact us if this is the case and we’ll get you quickly configured to support Silverlight and the new player.

How can you customize your new player?

If you would like to activate or deactivate some of the new features, you will need to customize your player. Simply login to Granicus, select the “Admin” tab, then “Templates,” and create a new default player, configure the design, and apply it to your video archives. Configure the new features using the “Design” tab. You can customize your viewer experience including graphics, color, share features, and video size, display settings for your documents, and more! If you have questions about configuring your player contact us.

What’s included in my new player?

In my last blog post, I did a deep-dive on some of the enhancements of the new player. For more information on what new features are available—closed captioning, embedding buttons, default thumbnail, auto start, player size, and more—download our new product sheet.

Keep an eye out for future blog posts about configuring your new media player. This is a powerful tool that is already helping government agencies build trust with their citizens and increase awareness through video.


Photo credit: Nielsonwire

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