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« Los Angeles Leverages the Granicus API to Enhance Public Access Without Disrupting Existing Workflows »

The City of Los Angeles was one of our first customers to connect in-house systems with Granicus through the Granicus API. This integration enhanced public access to council meetings without requiring staff to change the way they run public meetings using the city's in-house software.

One of the key players for this implementation was Karen Rodriguez, Senior Systems Analyst II for the City Clerk Systems Division, City of Los Angeles. Karen has worked at the city for over twenty years and has been with the clerk’s office since 1993. I had the pleasure of speaking with Karen to hear Los Angeles’ story and how Granicus helped them achieve their goal: implement archived streaming media technology without changing staff processes.

Los Angeles needed to increase public access to meetings with minimum disruption to existing business processes

Karen told me that Los Angeles began looking into this type of solution in 2006 to meet council’s request to remain visible and cutting edge. The city had been broadcasting meetings live on cable and through its website for years but needed “a solution that could offer a live, archived, indexed, and searchable meeting record,” Karen explained.

Years before Los Angeles began researching streaming media solutions, the city’s Information Technology Agency built an in-house meeting and voting system to help streamline live meeting procedures.  It was critical that any new solution brought on board be compatible and integrate with what was in place. “We had resistance from members of our staff who did not want to change their in-meeting process, so we needed to make sure that any integration we built was a seamless as possible and did not affect workflows,” said Karen. Plus, council met three times a week and duplicating work to transfer information from one system to another would have more than doubled the staff’s workload.

Granicus technology integrates with Los Angeles' in-house voting & meeting system

Through the Granicus API Los Angeles was able to connect its in-house system to Granicus, creating a seamless transfer of data from one system to the other without any disruption to workflows. “When the clerk activates an agenda item in our system it inserts the item into the Granicus archive and indexes the video,” explained Karen. The clerk has no direct interaction with the Granicus system and continues to follow her routine workflow during meetings.



Do you have a solution that you want to connect to Granicus? How could the Granicus API make your life easier?

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