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« Why Keyword Search is a Powerful Tool for Public Access »

Would you like to know more about a powerful keyword search tool available to your staff and citizens with the Government Transparency Suite? Great! Let’s take a few minutes to discuss how search can drive better public access.

When staff and citizens inquire about a specific meeting, vote results, an agenda item or even a specific topic discussed at your meeting, you can simply direct them to the keyword search box on your Granicus repository of archived content located centrally on your website. All they have to do is search across your public meeting archives by entering keywords or phrases…and save tons of time! This feature is a key reason why many of our clients are receiving fewer calls - citizens are now able to self-service!

Now, let’s walk-through how keyword search works…

When you run a search query of archives, what are you searching on?

Keyword search allows viewers to search through public archives for specific keywords or phrases.  The search engine looks through all meeting or event data contained in public archives and searches specifically on any information that is parsed into our system. The search results are configurable; meaning that you can turn on or off what is being searched. Thus, search results vary. If you would like to get more information on the different configurations, please contact us.

Currently, there are three different types of results in Granicus. Rather than a link to the beginning of the video like most video-search tools, our search offers options to connect your users to more granular and useful information. 

Item results

Item results are indexed against the video. They query across all index points in the system and will produce results with a link to the moment in the video that matches your search term. If the following items are indexed within the archive, the search will produce links to that segment of the meeting video:

  • Agenda item
  • Roll Call – function
  • Motions
  • Votes
  • Agenda item
  • Notes within an indexed minutes field
  • Supporting documents (title only, does not search words within document)
  • Keywords associated to supporting document

Clip results

These are non-indexed items that bring the user to the beginning of the meeting video.  These results produce links to the full meeting, not to a specific part of the archive video. The following items can be searched within the archive if the video is not indexed:

  • Search all of the above (see Item results)   


  • Archive description
  • Keywords

Closed Caption results

These search on all the words spoken (caption transcripts) within a meeting or event and bring the user to that specific point in the video. This is extremely powerful for citizens and staff trying to quickly and comprehensively research and aggregate records on specific topics being addressed by their government.

Have you already used Keyword Search? Leave us a comment and let us know what you thought!


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Reader Comments (1)

Not bad at all indeed.
You learn something new everyday and would definitely be able to use this concept.
One of the best thing that a blogger should need is how to increase their backlinks.
And specially knowing which keywords to match your business is the most important.

Thanks for the good read.
I really enjoyed reading this post.

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