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« Prescott Valley, AZ Gets New Auditorium for Town Meetings and Upgrades Technology

After two years of constructing a new town auditorium and council chambers located in their newly built 40,000-square-foot library, the Prescott Valley Town Council also unveiled a brand-new voting system to outfit their new digs! I recently trained Council Members on the new system, which included seven voting stations. Training was a smashing success! Council Members were excited to upgrade their meeting chambers and their voting processes.

We made a couple configuration changes to customize the solution for the town to support specific procedures. These included showing vote results to the audience only after the Clerk records the vote in the minutes, and to allow the meeting chair to call speakers and remove them from the queue.

Prescott Valley has been a Granicus client for over three years and they were very successful with webcasting. Check out their media portal. It is a robust library of public records and videos dating back to 2007! They are using Granicus to become completely paperless, all of their agenda and supporting documents are stored on our servers and accessible from the web. Now, all of this paperless content will be available for council members from their touchscreens!

Moving to the voting system to streamline the minutes workflow was a natural for this client. Now, all the elected officials’ votes will automatically flow into her minute record. She couldn’t believe how easy it was and we had a set of minutes completed before heading to lunch!

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