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« Granicus Roadshows in Long Beach and Dallas »

Connecting with our clients in-person is so important. In our early years, when we only had a handful of clients, I traveled from city to city to meet with staff and learn about their needs. Today, this commitment to understanding government is even stronger, yet with over 750 clients it’s hard to maintain that face-to-face time. That’s why I wanted to hit the road this month.

I traveled to City Hall in the cities of Long Beach and Dallas to talk to our clients and local governments from surrounding areas about their technology and open government priorities and initiatives. These road shows were a big success. We had lively roundtable discussions that brought together staff from all different government departments—IT, communications, administration, clerks, and webmasters—to talk about the best ways they can leverage Granicus to build trust in their community and to operate more efficiently.  We had over 20 people attend the Long Beach event and 15 at the Dallas event!

I want to thank Larry Herrera for kicking off the road show with a great presentation on how the City of Long Beach transformed the City Clerk’s office over the last 5 years to improve transparency, citizen engagement and collaboration, and automation all while cutting costs.  It is an impressive accomplishment to enhance services while cutting costs, and I am really proud that Granicus was a part of achieving this goal. 

My presentation included the trends and challenges governments are facing, as well as best practices for connecting with citizens and improving operational efficiency using our technology. I was also able to demonstrate some of our new cloud computing platform and product suites including advanced search, the modern video player, VoteLog and the latest version of the Citizen Participation Suite!

If you attended the event, tell me what you thought of it. Should these Granicus road shows happen more frequently?

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