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« Maintain the “Health” of Your Granicus Encoder in 6 Simple Steps »

“If you want to make an easy job seem mighty hard, just keep putting off doing it.”  ~Olin Miller

It’s 2011 and everyone has a list of resolutions. To help you achieve success and avoid some common pitfalls causing you to hit snooze button instead of hitting the treadmill or decide that your resolution is “no more resolutions!”— I wanted to give you a simple tip to make just one part of your job easier: maintaining the health of your Granicus encoder.

I'll review just 6 simple steps to help you make small, attainable improvements to your online video production. This way, you can kick off 2011 with success in at least one key area of your day-to-day life.

Keep Your Encoder Updated in Just 6 Simple Steps

It’s after the holidays and your encoder has probably packed on a few too many Microsoft Security Updates. If you allow them to have too many, your encoder might become sluggish, or may not function at the top of his game. Follow these simple steps at least once per month to keep your encoder “healthy” and performing optimally:

Step 1 – Verify no meetings are either currently running or are scheduled to run on the encoder. Checking the homepage of your Granicus site is a good place to start—the “Scheduled Events” area gives you a quick summary.

Step 2 - Login to the encoder (either directly or remotely). Depending on your encoder set-up, you can do this through LogMeIn or VNC (virtual network connection) or through a VPN. In some cases, you can do this directly by simply plugging in a mouse and keyboard to the server itself. If you have questions about accessing your encoder, contact Granicus Customer Care.

Step 3 - Select the Gold Shield in the lower right hand corner of your Windows toolbar. If you do not see this, you can configure these updates by using the start menu.

Step 4 – Select the “high priority security updates" and then select your Windows Media Encoder

Step 5 – Download and install

Step 6 – Restart (if necessary)         

Please note, the Granicus Customer Care team will run these updates for you if they are working on your encoder; however, just to be sure, this is something you should be doing regularly.

ALSO, please note this blog entry was supposed to be posted in June, but I am a little behind on my 2010 resolutions.

If you have any other questions about updates to your encoder contact Granicus Customer Care.

Reader Comments (2)

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