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« Granicus Launches New Encoding Appliance to Deliver Higher Performance Gov Webcasts »

After 11+ years in the business of government webcasting for over 900 agencies, we have released our first Granicus® Encoding Appliance that is optimized for government webcasting and proven to outperform off-the-shelf alternatives. It’s essentially a “plug and go” system that’s ideal for government agencies needing to deliver critical video content to citizens and internal audiences including public meetings, events, and community programming.

For government agencies, video is becoming a front-runner communications tool to keep their citizens informed. For instance, Mel West, City 4 TV Station Manager at the City of Show Low, AZ, recently informed us that Granicus video helped them successfully educate their community as they experienced the second largest wildfire in Arizona History. I was amazed by their emergency preparedness efforts. At Granicus, we want to guarantee your important content is going to reach your citizens without interruption. With our new encoder appliance, streaming performance is extremely reliable.

Our new appliance is high performance, fully ADA compliant (with closed caption extraction), and supports on-demand video streaming for leading mobile devices. Best of all, the entire package is managed by Granicus with a lifetime warranty so you don’t have to budget for surprise fixes or replacements. Here are some other top advantages of the new appliance:

  • Custom Built

    Designed for our Open Platform and streaming protocols, each encoder is pre-configured, and delivered ready to stream from any video source. Also, I’m happy to report that it is the highest performing encoder we’ve ever deployed and supported (and we’ve managed thousands!).
  • Fully Managed

    We realize the time involved in maintaining the life of your hardware—fixing software issues as well as managing updates and patches. We’ve created an appliance that has a much lower cost of ownership than traditional hardware boxes because we maintain it for you, for as long as you are a Granicus customer. You also get control and monitoring tools from a web application.
  • Local Storage & Distribution

    This appliance has double the storage capacity of encoders we previously sold—500GB of local storage, or roughly 3,250 hours at standard bit rates. Also, it streams to up to 50 concurrent users on your local network so you don’t have to worry about slowing down your internet speed when watching your council or board meetings. If you’re a large enterprise anticipating a lot of traffic from users on your local network, we recommend you add on the Performance Accelerator.

  • Quiet & Energy Efficient

    You’re not going to have a noisy server in your rack and it’s small enough to fit in any audio/video equipment room. Plus, it uses less power to support your agency's “going green” initiatives.

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