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« The Florida Channel Maximizes Public Access to State Redistricting Hearings  »

The Florida Channel, a public affairs programming service funded by the Florida Legislature and produced and operated by WFSU-TV, recently went live with the a new solution that gives them the mobile tools to webcast their daily Redistricing Hearings online live and on-demand. With these meetings occuring all over the state, the Florida Channel went above and beyond to preserve public access to these important meetings which will redraw the boundaries for Florida House, Senate, and congressional districts to comply with federal and state law.

By leveraging Granicus’ MobileEncoder, Open Platform, and Government Transaprency Suite, the Florida Channel is able to provide it’s Audio/Video team with the tools to stream their hearings live from anywhere, at anytime. They were even able to leverage our API to seamlessly integrate Granicus’ archived media and upcoming events into their website content management system. These tools help online audiences stay informed and involved in the redistricting process even if they can't participate in the meetings live in-person.

The Florida Channel’s production team often has back-to-back meetings everyday. After one hearing ends, they are packing-up shop, hitting the road, and doing it all over again. It is common for two or three meetings to take place each day. Since they do not have time to wait for their meetings to upload at the end of the meeting, The Florida Channel utilizes a free tool found on the web called Dropbox to make archives available to online audiences as soon as possible. Now this is what I call a committment to transparency!

Dropbox allows for files saved on one computer to be available on numerous other computer automatically. So, immediately after the meeting’s recording finalizes in the MobileEncoder, the Florida Channel AV Team sends it to the cloud using Dropbox. A Florida Channel staff member in Tallahassee retrives the file from Dropbox, uploads it into Granicus, trims and performs any other necessary post-meeting edits, and then publishes the video on the web! This shaves hours of time off the normal process. Plus, their AV team is able to stay focusd on traveling to various locations to capture the broadcast instead of spending hours downloading files.

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Reader Comments (1)

Their use of the API was awesome. The light box player for their videos is great UI design.
Aug 1, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterRoy

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