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« Highlights from TransparencyCamp 2012 »

This past weekend, Granicus attended the annual Sunlight Foundation Transparency Camp. It's a two day 'unconference' where attendees propose sessions throughout the weekend on topics covering the government transparency movement.

Over 450 attendees presented on about 60 topics covering everything from open data standards to open government legislation. You can see a list of the entire schedule and get session notes at

Granicus' Deputy CTO, Dan Melton, presented on how to use the Google Prediction API to ferret out fraud, determine workflows, and predict sentiment for citizen feedback. You can get the session notes here Dan is one of the innovative minds working on Granicus' new CivicIdeas product, which is transforming the way citizens influence government decisionmaking—from the early stages of public planning all the way through meeting deliberations and action.

After talking with several folks who attended TransparencyCamp, here are some of the most popular sessions to check out:

Following the conference, Dan Melton, Javier Muniz, Granicus CTO, and Ryan Wold, Granicsu Product Developer, participated in the Voting Information Project Hackathon backed by Google, Microsoft, ATT, Foursquare and Sunlight. With a few other attendees, they built Get Out the Vote Posters (, a tool for local organizers in supported states to print out multi-lingual posters displaying the upcoming election and a google map image of the location for the closest voting station. The code is open source, check it out at

Voting Information Project Website

Dan Melton, Deputy Chief Technogy Officer at Granicus, speaking at TransparencyCamp

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