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Gov PR: Going Beyond the Standard Press Release with Real-Time Video

As the need for real-time exposure to information grows, government PR and communications professionals should start to re-evaluate their plan of attack for press releases and public announcements. After handling all Granicus PR efforts and working with PIO’s and publicly directors at all levels of government, I’ve come to realize the importance of ensuring your public announcements give audiences something more transparent than just text—linking to a live or archived video is quickly becoming the new standard.

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Take Advantage of Granicus Live Training Courses—At No Cost!

Did you know that every month, the Granicus Training Department offers eight or more FREE live webinar classes to help you succeed and to learn about new features and functions available with your Granicus solution?  We are committed to helping you take your transparency, efficiency, and training efforts to new heights, and these classes are a fantastic way to take advantage of our industry-leading customer care and training offerings.

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Granicus 101 – Tips & Tricks to Get Started with Government Video

Through the years I've trained hundreds of people on how to use their Granicus solution. I thought it would be useful to summarize a few words of wisdom for clients just getting started with your Granicus solution. For new clients, long-time clients, or for those of you who are considering joining the family, there are a few tid-bits in here for you! After all, it's always good to learn new techniques to improve your workflow, increase transparency, and maybe even help the environment with publishing paperless agenda packets.

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Why RSS is Essential for Government Transparency 

RSS (Really Simple Syndication) can save your constituency a ton of time and effort when trying to stay informed of what's happening in their government—the latest meetings, events, policy, or records. Through RSS, content can be delivered directly to subscribers in realtime—as soon as it's published.

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Maintain the “Health” of Your Granicus Encoder in 6 Simple Steps

It’s 2011 and everyone has a list of resolutions. To help you achieve success and avoid some common pitfalls causing you to hit snooze button instead of hitting the treadmill or decide that your resolution is “no more resolutions!”— I wanted to give you a simple tip to make just one part of your job easier: maintaining the health of your Granicus encoder.

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Jan072011 and the House Rules Committee Increase Transparency with Granicus

The 112th U.S. Congress kicked off its first legislative session Wednesday in a live broadcast from the House floor reaching millions of viewers on Facebook and the Granicus network. This set the tone for what's to come in the new year from Congress—a stronger commitment to transparency and accountability.

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eComment Training Video Released! Teach Citizens How to Participate in Public Meetings Online

As government agencies implement the Granicus Citizen Participation Suite, citizens across the country are being given the opportunity to conveniently engage in the legislative process like never before—without leaving their home!

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