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A New Age of Participatory Planning

Over the past week, I spent a lot of time at the American Planning Association national conference, speaking with planners from across the country. These are the public’s future thinkers of today, convening to figure out the best of the best practices for improving areas, urban to rural. Clearly, one trend at the conference and of great interest to all whom I spoke with is the use of citizensourcing in participatory planning.

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APA Day 2 Review: CicLAvia, Portland, & Citizensourcing 

Day 2 of the APA, Sunday, started early with various breakfasts from technology to religiously oriented options, everyone had somewhere to go. Then there was CicLAvia!

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APA Session Review: Community Engagement in Intelligent Cities

Led by Jacob Smith, former mayor and current Director of the PlaceMatters Institute, a group of cutting edge nonprofit planning professionals from Open Plans, Place Matters and IBM Foundation commented on the changing role of planners in a big data and social networked age.

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APA Day 1 Review: Critical Tips and Q&A for Government Planners

Saturday, April 14th, was the first day of sessions at the APA. On day 1 alone, there was a whopping seventy-five sessions to choose from. The twitter feed was dishing out some positive feedback all day. So, doing the best we can here, Aileen Horgan attended one session and, as you will see from the summary below, that one session was THICK with great information.

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What’s Brewing at APA: Survival Tips to Awaken your #APA2012 Experience

Ready for a great conference? From digital to walkable experiences, this guide will serve to enhance your time at the APA.

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The 4 Steps of Citizensourced Public-Sector Planning

When the American Planning Association (APA) convenes their national annual conference tomorrow, everyone will start sharing methods, philosophies, and technologies that assist in public-sector planning. One word attendees will hear often is, “citizensourcing,” which is crowdsourcing citizens for public sector benefit. This new digital age of social connectivity has created an ingenious way for us to accomplish improvements and innovations as a society.

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