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iLegislate + VoteCast: The Next Gen of Meeting Voting

Yesterday we unveiled the next generation of public meeting voting on the iPad: VoteCast for iLegislate. For the first time, government agencies can cast votes digitally on a tablet device instead of depending on expensive voting hardware installations or voice votes which can be cumbersome to record. With the addition of VoteCast, iLegislate is now the ultimate "Chief of Staff in an App" -- helping government leaders research, collaboarate with citizens, and prepare for meetings from a single app. Already, more than 3,000 government agencies use it.

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Azusa: Creating huge savings with mobile agendas

The City of Azusa, California, has reached annual cost savings of $24,000 per year just twelve months after adopting Granicus’ iLegislate®, an app which enables city council and staff to review meeting agendas, supporting documents and archived videos over the iPad.

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What happened? The Future of Digital Government

Yesterday, from my hotel room in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, I took an opportunity to give an online presentation on The Future of Digital Government, using only mobile devices, to several hundred local government employees from across all of North America. Most people were there to learn about bringing civic engagement online, or governing from the iPad with an agenda app. We delivered on that, and more.

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Government Must Go Mobile or Get Out

In this Digital Age, we’re currently blazing into the Mobile Period, and piercing the plane of the Internet of Things. It’s all happening so fast, and government agencies continue the struggle to keep pace with the public’s hyperbolic adoption rate of new technologies. When that struggle is lost, a complete replacement – a revolution, so to speak – follows shortly thereafter. Either way, mobile is here.

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The Future of Government is Mobile

The future of government is mobile. That is to say, government agencies must become more agile in process, more flexible in access, and plan all new solutions with mobile technology as the centerpiece. Today, we can see that the trend toward mobile technology use in the public has blasted off and gone orbital, and once again, government agencies are trying to catch up.

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Citizen Engagement: Tools for Bridging the Gap

During yesterday’s launch webinar, I presented the positive effect of putting public feedback at the fingertips of government staff and elected officials with our new version of iLegislate. Based on the quantity and quality of the questions that were asked, it seems government innovators are eager to make mobility and community engagement work together.

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Government Innovation: New Tools for the Next-Gen Elected Official

Innovation is nothing new. Certainly, we create new methods or tools to achieve our goals, but these creations are always based on the tools and materials we already have before us. Real innovation is often simply asking the question, “what if,” and answering how it can happen with spectacular results. Granicus’ most recent innovation came from the question: What if government leaders always understood what their community is thinking?

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