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Walnut Creek Saves 34,000 Dollars per Year with Granicus

It’s pretty rare that you see client results as impressive as those of Walnut Creek’s. I worked with Patrice Olds, City Clerk, to hear how they use Granicus and what their processes were like before. I had no idea where the conversation would lead and what a cost-savings they had seen – and neither did Patrice. She told me some immediate results, but when we plugged in her responses into an ROI calculator she and I were both blown away– a combined annual savings of $34,128.00!

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Gaming Board Gets a Mobile Solution to Increase Access to Meetings

The Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board oversees the creation of a casino industry that is known for creating tremendous economic benefits for Pennsylvania citizens. Its mission includes: generating new revenue sources, providing property tax reduction, and ensuring the economical development of gaming. Because their board oversees contentious issues that have widespread impacts on the community, it was important that they increase transparency and public access to meetings through streaming media.

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Nextgov Covers Hot Topic – Groups Want Advisory Committee Meetings to be Webcast

Webcasting meetings and publishing archived videos, transcripts, and records into a convenient citizen-facing portal is already a popular trend at the local and state level. Granicus is seeing this trend evolve at the Federal level; particularly for federal advisory committees. Recently, the increasing transparency of advisory meetings has been under public scrutiny by advocacy groups such as the OMB Watch.

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